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About the Area


The coastal area of Liguria is known as the Italian Riviera. What makes Triora so unique is that one can spend a day at the beach and later retire to the cool elevations where Triora is located. The rise from sea level to Triora is 800 meters (around 2,400 ft) over a distance of only 15 miles. All beaches are sandy with large rocks for sunbathing with other water sports available if desired. While some beaches are privately run, there are plenty of free public beaches. There are many beachside restaurants and bars all along the coast.


There two ski resorts about 90 minutes drive by car; Limone Piemonte which combines three different ski areas and although offering skiing for all levels, it is well regarded by intermediate skiers. Monesi, a smaller resort offering challenging skiing is located just over the mountains behind Verdaggia, though one will have to take the long way around.

Walking/ Hiking:

Triora is well known for its mountain walks in all directions, rare birds, fauna and mushrooms (in September there is an annual Mushroom Festival.) Triora is also famous for its important place in the history of witchcraft, with an excellent museum and other sites throughout the village marking the 15th century witch executions. The village has eight churches and five palaces, most of which are presently being restored, all full of historically interesting paintings and other items. Today, many artists and sculptors have made Triora their home and local artwork is visible throughout the village. There are also many neighboring villages with histories of their own to explore. Nice and Genoa are the nearest cities and both are well worth a day out with the historic towns of San Remo and Imperia along the way. Monaco, located to the west, is another option well worth a look!

Bars/ Restaurants:

There are three bars in Triora and one trattoria providing excellent Italian and local cuisine. There is also an excellent hotel restaurant that hosts many special events throughout the year. In addition, there are several good restaurants within driving distance. Further north up the valley, Verdeggia boasts a pizzeria with live music on the weekends. Heading down the valley, restaurants in Molini di Triora and Badalucco, in particular, offer excellent local fare. Triora also has a grocery store, fruit and vegetable shop, a bakery known for its famous Triora bread, hairdressers, hardware and electrical shop, a gourmet delicatessen and various gift shops. In the next village down the Argentine valley, Molini di Triora, there is a pharmacy, ATM machine, and several other shops. In the surrounding towns and villages you will find daily markets and various festivals throughout the summer.

Getting There and Away:

The Nice airport is about a 90 minute drive from Triora while the Genoa airport is a bit further and will take around two hours. There is a regular train service from both Nice and Genoa to Arma di Taggia and a frequent bus service from Arma di Taggia to Triora. However, to explore and get the best from the area it is recommended that you use a car. Free public on-street parking is available near the entrance to the village, and thus the flat itself.  The apartment is located directly at the entrance of the village which, because of its medieval narrow streets, is primarily a pedestrian-oriented village. Though, given the location of the apartment, there is room to pull a car directly in front of the building for convenient loading and unloading. The free parking area is within 50 yards from the building.

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